East Union Army

We train, mentor, and develop tomorrow’s young leaders.



Our Vision

All Lancer cadets learn valuable leadership traits and life skills necessary to become good citizens who are capable of succeeding in college and in life.

U.S Army JROTC Mission
    "To motivate young people to be better citizens"


East Union JROTC Mission

Develop high school students into winners who are competent, confident, and compassionate about their community. 

Lancers in the News




Battalion Commander

Danielle Stengel

I was inspired to join JROTC because I wanted to experience something new. Once I got into the program, I was excited to take advantage of every opportunity  and challenge there was. I met new people who taught me about leadership and helped me to become more confident, which was a major issue for me then. It gave a family and an important opportunity to develop skills like work ethic and communication. I honestly believe  that JROTC has been the best and most rewarding experience of my high school career.

Battalion Executive Officer

Thomas Cedergren

At first when I joined JROTC i wasnt the most confident or most athletic person but, over the years of doing JROTC it has lead me to get stronger both mentally and physically. To know that I can rely on others and that most importantly that I know I can rely on myself. As over the years of JROTC it has made me into a greater person then I would be without it. The ones to thank for this are the ones that are currently in and left the program who used to be in it. As without this family like place I dont think I would be as sucessful in my life as I am right now.


Tejinder Singh

Battalion Command Sergeant Major

I first found out about JROTC from my brother Partap Singh who has also been in the Lancer Battalion for four years. When i joined, I was instantly impressed with what this program does. This program has taught me how to lead given me many chances to as well. I was not in a good shape when I joined, but by joining raider team I was able to get back in shape. In Lancer Battalion, I have always seen courage and commitment. Another thing I really liked about this  program right away was that this program was like a one big family. JROTC also offered many opportunities and I took as many as I possibly could.



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