East Union Army

We train, mentor, and develop tomorrow’s young leaders.



Our Vision

All Lancer cadets learn valuable leadership traits and life skills necessary to become good citizens who are capable of succeeding in college and in life.

U.S Army JROTC Mission
    "To motivate young people to be better citizens"


East Union JROTC Mission

Develop high school students into winners who are competent, confident, and compassionate about their community. 

Lancers in the News



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Battalion Commander

Hannah Knab

I was inspired to join JROTC by all of the great things that I had heard about the program. My friends had told me how much of a positive experience it had been for them, all the great people they met, and all the valuable skills they had been taught within the program. JROTC has taught me so much about many different important skills that I will continue to use in the future, such as leadership and teamwork. My success is something that I take a lot of pride in, which has motivated me to keep my standards high and always do my best in the program and in my academics. joining the program was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made, it has been a great experience. 

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Battalion Executive Officer

Zoe Castillanos

Being in JROTC has helped me learn the value of teamwork and has taught me how to work cooperatively with others. I've learned building skills such as leadership, self-confidence and discipline, which are qualities that are necessary to thrive in any career. I joined JROTC without any knowledge on it, and I am proud to be leaving this class knowing that I took a risk and lead with the best that I could. 

Jannier Ismerio

Battalion Command Sergeant Major

I joined JROTC because I wanted to try something new and interesting. When I joined, the environment intrigued me in an in-explainable good way.. I finally found something that made me happy and be responsible for my subordinates and myself. This class has taught me the importance of family and that in order to function we must support one another no matter what. 


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